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                    Shandong Dangerous Chemicals Forwarders Introduce the Requirements for the Storage of Dangerous Chemicals

                    Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals with toxic, corrosive, explosive, combustion, combustion-supporting properties, which are harmful to human beings, facilities and the environment. Hazardous chemicals should be stored in accordance with national laws, regulations and other relevant provisions. Now let's introduce the requirements of hazardous chemicals storage.
                    (1) Storage places. Hazardous chemicals should be stored in special warehouses, special sites or special storage rooms, and their storage methods, methods and quantities should conform to the national standards. Special warehouses for hazardous chemicals shall conform to the requirements of national standards for safety and fire control, and shall be marked clearly. Storage equipment and safety facilities in special warehouses for hazardous chemicals shall be regularly inspected.
                    (2) Safety management. Warehouses storing dangerous chemicals should be equipped with technical personnel with expertise, and their warehouses and sites should be managed by special personnel, and managers should be equipped with reliable personal safety protective equipment. Enterprises should establish a strict management system of warehouse entry and exit, formulate emergency rescue plans for their own units, equip emergency rescue personnel and necessary emergency rescue equipment and equipment, and organize regular drills.
                    (3) Storage requirements. Enterprises should implement isolated storage, separate storage and separate storage according to the characteristics of hazardous chemicals. All kinds of dangerous goods shall not be mixed with taboo materials for storage, and dangerous chemicals with different fire extinguishing methods shall not be stored in the same warehouse. Explosives, inflammables, damp burning articles and highly toxic articles shall not be piled up in the open air.
                    (4) Special requirements. Highly toxic chemicals and other dangerous chemicals that constitute major hazards in their stockpiles shall be stored separately in special warehouses, and a two-person receiving and dispatching and two-person security system shall be implemented. The quantity, location and management personnel of highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals constituting major hazard sources shall be reported to the public security department and the Department responsible for the comprehensive supervision and management of hazardous chemicals for the record.
                    The above is the storage requirement of dangerous chemicals introduced by us. Because of its great danger, it must be stored according to the correct standard method, so as to ensure safety.

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